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Guild News

LeDeathx, Jul 20, 11 2:42 AM.
We are now having different positions for each guild member. We will have plenty of openings for each position. Up to 50 members for each Position. Some have their own requirements so please send me mail if you want to get into a certain position that has its own requirements. The guild will be supplying everything for each member if they need it.
Game News
Currently on the Nexon Website you cannot log in and It may be awhile for the servers to be back up. So I do not know when we can get back into the game. All i can wish is hopefully soon!

Also the event "The 2nd Coming" will be postponed and most likely tomorrow.
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Whats your favorite thing about Vindictus? Winner: "Combat System" 4 weeks, 1522 days ago
Whats your favorite thing about Fallen Light? Winner: "Helping Members" 4 weeks, 1522 days ago
Whats your favorite character? Winner: "Lann" 4 weeks, 1522 days ago
Mercenary Post

Colhen Bulletin Board, August 19, 2011
Attention Mercenaries!

Let it never be said that even in the midst of our great crusade, we would forget to take time off to enjoy life's little pleasures. As it is high summer, why not take advantage of the Summer War Chant event and pick up some fantastic swim gear. Looking good even in the midst of a deadly battle! Don't tarry too long on the sand though, because a recent report out of the Perilous Ruins has a lost statue of the Goddess under threat by gnolls and it will take all your strategic smarts to save it! Finally, you can pick up your prizes from the Second Coming event, give us feedback on the latest Blabber Box and see what others think of the Statue Defense event in our Question of the Week. Stick with the Mercenary Post for everything you need to know about Vindictus.


Summer War Chant: Swimsuit Inner Armor!

It may be August, but summer is just heating up in Vindictus. Too busy defending the Goddess to hit the beach? Now you can be a Maui babe even when you’re in the field fighting Fomors with the new Hawaiian-inspired Swimsuit Inner Armor and Straw Hat!


The Statue Defense Event

According to the latest reports from the Perilous Ruins, an ancient statue of the Goddess has been found. We cannot leave this sacred relic in the hands of heathen Fomors, so Aodhan has issued a call for brave mercenaries to secure the statue until the Royal Army can be dispatched!

Goddess in peril!

Market Place
Karma Koin is Coming


Experience the enlightened way to get NX! Beginning in September, Karma Koin cards will begin replacing Nexon Game Cards on store shelves. These prepaid cards work the same way as Nexon Game Cards, and will be available at retailers in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Get the details!


[PRIZES] The Second Coming


"Snowy White Pouches" were delivered to all participants of the "Second Coming" event, during the maintenance on August 16. Make sure to check your in-game mail to retrieve this item and receive the pouch. All participants will receive a prize but only a few will win a pair of exclusive White Wings!

Fly my pretties!


It's that time again. The fourth episode of the BlockParty Blabber Box is live! Enjoy the video, which includes sketches, animated shorts, comments from the players, and a whole lot more, interspersed with Nexon news and updates… from the future!

Give us your feedback!
Question of the Week

It’s time for the Question of the Week! How do you like the Statue Defense event and what do you think of it so far?


Here's what some of your fellow Mercenaries said:

totally awesome, when i first tried it, it reminded me of doing the labryinth, it's a nice twist in the game and a really fun event. i hope to see more like it. - Joshua R.

it is a fun experience that promotes a diverse team as well as promoting teamwork because its gameplay evens everyone on the team out despite their lv differences. The teamwork comes from the communication and the role everyone take to protect the statue. - Sang H.

I really love the new event, it really makes my friends and I work together to get the task done. It also gives a nice reward that helps me out later on when I'm fighting against the more serious mobs. It also gives the lower levels a chance to fight along side the higher levels without either side worrying if one is less helpful than the other. - Dylan E.

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Vindictus Wiki

Kobold Buckler

Kobold Buckler.png
Kobold Buckler
Shield, Shield Sell Price: 1,700 Gold (Icon).png
76 stones

DEF +238 WIL +22

Restriction (Icon).png
Equippable by Fiona only. For levels 12 and above. Rank Shield Mastery F or above

A wooden shield with a metal rim made with kobold technology.

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

Method to Obtain

Dropped by Speedy Ekuloch


Vindictus Wiki

Positions/Ranks in Guild
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If you havnt joined yet and you want to here are the requirements.


1. Works well with teammates.

2. Will help out the guild.

3. Won't be abusive.

4. Will respect and use their position right.
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